Financial Reestructuring

Our Restructuring team joins your company as a CRO to face a financial and operational restructuring process

The restructuring services are intended for companies with operative problems of viability, like companies that are front facing insolvency situations, overinvestment, etc. Our job include:

  • Short term evaluation and stabilization of the company.
  • Restructuring plan elaboration:
    1. Operative model redefinition by planning costs and personal requirements in function of the order book.
    2. Identification of the business lines that create value by focusing between them the activity and by adopting restructuring measurements on the loss making lines.
    3. Optimization and start a working capital control plan.
    4. Revision of the investment and disinvestment assets plan.
    5. Sustainable debt level identification.
  • IBR (Independence Business Review) Elaboration, key document about which structure the refinancing debt process. On that context, there is a need to have an elaborated report by a third independent that makes easy the debtor vision since a cash flow and future evolution point of view, by allowing obtain conclusions about potential restructuring measurements.
  • Debtor advisory on the negotiation with financial entities, the debt restructuring and refinancing.

Working Capital incorporate to the company as CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) to implate the restructuring plan by making a monitoring of objectives, analyzing deviations between closures and budget and by adopting correct measurements destined to restore the balance between collections and payments.